JakoCat – who we are

We are JakoCat, a company with the goal to set new standards in the production of scratching posts in terms of innovation, high quality and customer care.

What we do

Our goal is to provide the best products to our customers and cat owners. We create our cat scratching posts with great enthusiasm and care, putting a lot of effort into engineering and designing, in order to provide our customers with modern and unique products. Our mission is to become a leader in the production of cat trees by constant improvement and optimization based on customer needs. Meeting the requirements of our customers is always a top priority to us!

Our values

In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we produce a large variety of cat trees with a perfect quality-price ratio. At the same time, JakoCat company places great importance on customers’ requirements and always strives to meet their expectations.
Focusing on the future – thanks to natural materials, our products are environment friendly and harmless for cat owners as well as their feline friends.
Every product is quality tested and approved by our engineers and experts. Our scratchers are made to be durable and safe and in compliance with European quality standards.
Innovation and optimization are the key points of our production process. Our design & engineer team continuously work setting new trends on the market for pet supplies. 

Why you should work with us

We …
… are a manufacturing company based in Europe.
… are easy to reach and always available for you.
… listen to your requirements and meet them.
… have the best scratching posts on the market.
Therefore you have more than enough reasons to reach out to us.