JakoCat cat trees – Get the best for your cat!

We are JakoCat, a cat tree manufacturer based in Europe. We offer you scratching posts with the best quality-price ratio on the market. Our production is based on modern technology, optimization and careful material selection.  We listen to our customers’ needs and feedback so we can bring more value to our products.

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We are a company that strives for constant improvement and innovation. Always optimizing and accepting about new challenges. Our cat trees stand out on the market with a perfect design, matching different interior styles with variety of colour choices and quality materials.

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Our scratching posts are made of meticulously combined materials. That is why they are stable, durable and offer a lot of comfort and enjoyment for cats. They are carefully designed and tested in accordance with European standards of quality, materials and manufacture process.

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JakoCat pays great attention to customer service. Focusing on professionally organized logistics we offer just-in-time delivery to your warehouse. You will receive our scratching posts safe and undamaged, in no time.


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